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Daily Literature Recognition

I am an administrator for DailyLitRecognition and LitRecognition.

I will be featuring prose pieces primarily and so how to suggest a piece to me is as follows:

Send me a note with the deviation, the deviant's account name, and a short blurb about the piece. It should look like this:

"title" by AccountName

Short blurb about what makes this piece stick in your mind

Please have the subject line read, "Prose Suggestion for DLR".

Please send your suggestions to me and not to the DLR account or group.

I will not be featuring Fan Fiction, Chaptered works, or Erotic pieces in the daily feature. However, callerofcrows and myself will be doing a regular feature on Serial artists (Deviants who write pieces of a whole story submitted in more than two deviations). It will include both Prose and Poetry. So if you find that chaptered piece or serial poem or the like send those to me as well.

When sending a serial piece please use, "Serial Suggestion [prose/poetry], [# of parts]"

Please include links to all parts of the piece. A two to five sentence blurb summarizing the series would be appreciated. If you have a complete word count that would also be nice, but not required.

Pieces do not have to have perfect spelling and grammar. It is nice, but not required. I may talk with the deviant to better the piece if I feel it is something that needs doing.

If you wish to know more about :icondailylitrecognition:, please visit our home page or check out the group, :iconlitrecognition:. Guidelines for other administrators can be found there along with other special project we are working on.

As a note: I will accept suggestions for any piece of literature, but I would prefer it if you sought out the appropriate category admin.




Studying the Senses - Results

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 20, 2014, 7:21 AM
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Contest Results

:bulletpurple:First Place: Touch by: Meggie272

:bulletwhite:Second Place: Touch by: xXI-Feel-InfiniteXx

:bulletblack:Third Place: String Number Six by: BlackBowfin

I would like to say thank you to everyone who entered as I do not have the guts to enter contests usually. Putting yourself out there is one thing, but to do it to be intentionally judged is sheer madness in my mind most days.


This is a reminder to those who still need to dole out prizes to the winners above.
First Place
:bulletblue: 3 month Premium Membership (donated by TwilightPoetess )
:bulletblue: 300 points (donated by ArtCrusade and xlntwtch )
:bulletblue: A prose commission of no more than 2000 words from TwilightPoetess
:bulletblue: Features by:
  Second Place
:bulletblue: 1 month Premium Membership (donated by CactussKate )
:bulletblue: 100 Points (donated by Medoriko )
:bulletblue: A Flash Fiction commission of no more than 1000 words from TwilightPoetess
:bulletblue: Features by:
Third Place
:bulletblue: A Poetry commission from TwilightPoetess
:bulletblue: Features by:

First Place

Touchand given that my life is not so much a life
as it is a void, and not so much a void
as a transposition,
three steps away from the
truth of things,
a smear of grease-paint vision,
given that i have spent hours with
my back on the asphalt spine
staring at the pale shell of the sky and
imagining myself as nothing but the
nothing i saw,
the paper-bone annulment of life,
some misstep between
‘born’ and ‘die’,
given all this, i had no choice
but to throw myself down
at the temple of incarnation,
and say before i drowned:
‘oh lord, save me, for i have
lost it all, and i am floating,
and i am falling,
and i am gone’.
at first i offered him blood sacrifice,
or close enough,
stinging tallies of the days
when i could not remember
what it felt like to be alive –
i decorated my skim-milk thighs
and waited for fruit,
or stars, to burst
behind my eyes.
but then i learnt better ways, gentler ways,
things that he gave me, or perhaps
things that i gave him

Second Place

Touchin the dreamless dark my eyes cannot discern
where your staircase spine curls to,
where the mortar cementing your bones ends;
sounds are distorted, fragmenting through the ivy vines
weaving between roof tiles, you are derelict.
i cannot taste or smell, cannot hear or see,
all i can do is touch, fingers exploring the brambles,
the barbed wire fences around your heart;
all i can do is reach for the dead roots of rotten willow trees,
hoping they will curl around my fingers, bark scratching against my skin;
all i can do is hope that each kiss can plaster, can fill in
the gaping maws ripped through the walls, that my legs tangled in yours can
reweave the threadbare carpets, light up the chandelier glowing in your eyes;
all i can do is touch, feel the cobwebs disintegrate against my chest
and hope that one day when you are habitable once more,
you’ll invite me in.
(you asked me once why i kept my eyes shut whenever
we held hands but i can’t explain that
i can't recognise you with

Third Place

String Number Sixthe insulation
of cable number six
can't always contain
the polarity or state
of its energy and
clandestine signal
leakage bleeds
into the other five
and it's not always
our past (or even our own)
memories that
trigger déjà vu
a combination
appendage and receiver
it stretches and
disappears into
the blue and black
of infinity's dark bundle
one thread
among the countless
in this leviathan orchestra
string number six
is not so much
a sense
as a hack
into the other five
from ago ahead
and another us
sparking us awake
through our
comfortable pillows
of dull interference
wordless current
flows through
our ghost conduit
raw crushed data
at its simplest
most divine core
colors touching
smells memories
pulses this linkage
between souls
stars earths

Journal Skin by TwiggyTeeluck
Brush by Leichnam


Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I am a poet. I have put my hand to other things, but I have always been a poet.

My personal writings are angsty and sometimes dark, but my professional pieces are a bit lighter. I am categorized, like many, as "undefined". I used to consider myself a literalist - simple metaphors where necessary, but primarily, painting easy to understand pictures in easy to read pieces, but my life is changing and so is my voice. Who knows where I will end up next, if anywhere.

I started writing before I knew how to properly spell at 7 and it has suckt with me throughout my adult life.

I wrote my first poem about my new sister at 7 and finished my first children's story at 8. I was published at 9 and dropped off until I was 13.

I had my first adult publishing experience at 19 when a piece of mine was inked in a local paper. I continued writing methodically and religiously until my mid 20's where my personal life took precedence and I had to set my pen down. I did not write again for several years.

I am now in my 30's and the lit bug is secured with two hands. I will work diligently to ensure it stays where it is.


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